When you need the best quality container at the best price and with the best customer service, look no further than ShippingContainersTexas.com. We provide durable, portable steel structures that will last. Our containers are investments and will hold their value in steel and remain useful as long as they’re maintained properly. We want to help you enjoy the benefits of a high-quality shipping container and not worry about the cost or logistics of getting one.

Shipping Boxes from StorageContainersTexas.com

Container variations

  • Used or 1-trip 10’x8’x8’6″ standard cube container (10′ standard)
  • Like-new 10’x8’x9’6″ high cube container (10′ HC)
  • Used or 1-trip 20’x8’x8’6″ standard cube container (20′ standard)
  • 1-trip 20’x8’x8’6″ standard cube double door container (20′ DD)
  • 1-trip 20’x8’x8’6″ side access aka open side container (20′ OS)
  • 1-trip 20’x8’x9’6″ side access aka open side container (20′ OS)
  • 1-trip 20’x8’x9’6″ high cube shipping container (20′ HC)
  • 1-trip 20’x8’x9’6″ high cube double door container (20′ HC DD)
  • Used or 1-trip 40’x8’x8’6″ standard cube container (40′ standard)
  • Used or 1-trip 40’x8’x9’6″ high cube container (40′ HC)
  • 1-trip 40’x8’x8’6″ standard cube double door (40′ DD)
  • 1-trip 40’x8’x9’6″ high cube double door (40′ HC DD)
  • Used or 1-trip 45’x8’x9’6″ high cube container (45′ HC)
  • Used 53’x8’6″x9’6″ steel high cube container (53′ HC)

Functional & non-working refrigerated “reefer” containers are also available in 20′ & 40′ lengths. Our containers are As-Is but you can deny them if you’re not satisfied with the condition or quality.

* Dimensions listed above are approximate.
* Like-new containers (one-trippers) are usually one or two years old and are assumed to have been used once to transport goods to the USA. The container’s prior use and frequency of use is unknown.

Containers are sometimes referred to as “shipping container”, “cargo container”, “sea can”, “conex container”, “ocean container”, “freight container”, “storage box”, “conex box”.