Low Price Guarantee:
Not only do we sell the highest quality containers & shelters on the market, but we also strive to be the best deal out there. We compare prices with our competitors on a WEEKLY basis and if we happen to find a lower price, we immediately adjust our price to be at least $100 LOWER to ensure that we are consistently offering the absolute lowest price & best deal out there. If we quote you a higher price than our competition, please let us know so that we can update our current pricing. If in the unlikely event that you find a lower price, and we can confirm that, we will not only match that price, but we will also give you 10% of the difference or more OFF YOUR PURCHASE! GUARANTEED!

Why Buy A Shelter?
There are many reasons why a person will buy a shelter, but it’s a personal one. Tornado’s and their destructive nature is on the rise, so if you live in an area that is prone to tornado’s, simply pick the size that is right for you and rest easy knowing that if the unfortunate happens, you can provide safety and protection for your loved ones. Crime is also on the rise in many areas and a safe room offers not only protection from violent attackers, but is also a form of secure storage to protect your valuables. Our safe rooms are modular and are kind of like giant gun safes that you can take apart and relocate, or even expand into a larger size to at a later date. By special request, we can install bullet resistant panels to the interior of your already partially bullet proof safe room. The bullet resistant panels have been tested to withstand multiple hits by a .30 caliber high powered assault rifle. The 7 gauge steel shell will block many different caliber sized bullets, but not all. Adding bullet resistant panels will make your safe room virtually bulletproof to all handguns and rifles. There is certainly a wide spectrum of reasons for buying a shelter, but the fundamental reason that we all share is we simply want to be able to keep our loved ones safe.

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