Good used 20′ standard cube, 40′ standard cube, 40′ high cube, & 45′ high cube containers are available for immediate shipment to the entire State of Texas AND most surrounding States!

Available by special request:
– 20′ Double Door
– 40′ Double Door
– 20′ Double Door High Cube
– 40′ Double Door High Cube
– 20′ Side Access
– 40′ Side Access
– 20′ Side Access High Cube
– 40′ Side Access High Cube
– 20′ Refrigerated (aka “reefer”)
– 40′ Refrigerated (aka “reefer”)
– 20′ Open Top
– 40′ Open Top
– 53′ Steel (Used)

Nearly all non-standard build containers that we sell are 1-trip (new) containers and most can be delivered within 14 days.

Many sizes and types can be purchased by special request. Hard to find sizes are often not the best values, but if you demand it…we’ll supply it!

10ft Mini Container: One of the smallest containers available on the market. It’s just 10 feet long and just like the larger containers, it’s construction consists of 14-gauge corrugated steel walls. It also has lockable doors and is wind & watertight. This container is very easy to transport and is one of the lightest containers available, however because very few of them have been manufactured and even fewer are in circulation, they are not as cost effective to purchase as a 20ft or 40ft container. Bang for the buck, nothing beats the price of a 40ft container, but 10ft containers are available by special request.

20ft Standard Container: The most sought after container. This is the 20ft standard cargo container. The 20ft container is the most sought after because it can be easily transported with a common flatbed tow truck. It can also be loaded onto a flatbed gooseneck trailer and pulled with a 3/4 ton truck. Since they are roughly 3,000 pounds lighter than a 40ft container, it’s much easier to drag it around the job site or farm using a tractor or backhoe. The typical empty weight of this container is 5,000 pounds (approx).

40ft Standard Container: The most commonly purchased container. Bang for the buck, out of all of the available sizes, the standard 40ft container provides a massive amount of storage space and is typically the lowest price per cubic foot. Whether you want to convert it into a mobile office, garage or workshop, or simply need it for storage, you get the most for your money with this one.

40ft High Cube Container: This container is exactly like the standard 40ft container, however it is a foot taller, making the exterior height 9’6″ tall! This container is truly ideal for those who are seeking to convert it into a hunting cabin, office, work shop, guest house, mother-in-law suite or man cave! The extra height not only ads a significant amount of extra storage space, but also provides more versatility and options when using for other purposes besides storage.

45′ High Cube Container: The 45ft High Cube container offers an additional 380 cubic feet of storage space than the 40ft High Cube model. The most common sizes that are used for import/export are 20′ and 40′ lengths, but many ports are not equipped to receive offload of 45′ units, so if you are shopping for a 45′ unit to export, please be sure to check with your carrier first to make sure that it can be successfully received at its destination.

48ft High Cube WIDE Container: The 48ft & 53ft containers are built just like all the other containers, however they are 6 inches wider, increasing your exterior width to 8’6″. This is the second largest container available and the extra wide design makes this container even more versatile when storing cars, trucks, tractors, trailers etc. You can fit a typical 3/4 truck inside even a standard container, but the extra wide design on the 48ft & 53ft containers makes it much easier to exit the vehicle once parked inside. Side access containers are also available by special request which have doors on one end as well as the side.

53ft High Cube WIDE Container: This is the LARGEST standardized domestic shipping container on the market. This enormous container is 53 FEET LONG, 8 1/2 feet wide & 9 1/2 feet tall! This BIG container offers the maximum storage space available in a single portable storage container. It’s so long that you can easily fit THREE cars inside.

Interior: Every cargo container is equipped with side-by-side steel entry doors on one end. Typically unless modified, containers will never have any other doors, windows or methods of entry. By special order we can supply containers the have side access doors, double doors on both ends, open top containers and other hard-to-find styles. The large industrial weather stripping makes the container wind & watertight as soon as you close the doors & latch them shut. Each door has a lever that you press forward when closing the doors and this allows the appropriate amount of pressure to be applied to the weather stripping which seals the container. The floor is made from 1-1/8″ thick marine plywood. This wood is unlike anything you will likely find at the local lumber yard. This plywood is treated and designed to be regularly exposed to water, moisture & significant amounts of weight. The 20ft containers are designed to store approximately 62,000 pounds of cargo and the 40ft containers are designed to store approximately 59,000 pounds of cargo. These things are virtually indestructible, so if you are considering spending thousands of dollars on a prefabricated wood shed built from 2×4’s & 1/2″ thick particleboard, you really should consider a steel cargo container instead.

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