• Modular construction which allows for a do-it-yourself install.

• Our safe rooms are the most versatile shelter systems in the industry. The modular design gives you the ability to install your safe room inside your walk-in closet, your basement, wine cellar or even upstairs without having to tear down walls or re-construct.

• If you later decide to relocate the shelter, simply disassemble it and then reassemble it at the new location. If you move, take it with you!

• Vault-style doors can be added to BOTH sides allowing for two sided entry/exit.

• By special request, we can install bullet resistant panels to the interior of your already partially bullet proof safe room. The bullet resistant panels have been tested to withstand multiple hits by a .30 caliber high powered assault rifle. The 7 gauge steel shell will block many different caliber size bullets, but not all. If you want your shelter to be bulletproof to virtually all handgun and rifle rounds, call today for a price quote.

• All of our safe rooms are constructed with 7 gauge powder coated steel, which is nearly twice as strong as other safe rooms.

• Engineered to survive a devastating F5 Tornado, and impact tested by Texas Tech

• Exterior lock available for only $100 more! Our safe rooms are sort of like giant gun safes. If you wish to keep valuables secure from theft and also have somewhere to seek shelter during an emergency, simply choose the size that is right for you!

4′ x 4′ – $4,300

4′ x 6′ – $5,200

4′ x 8′ – $6,000

4’ x 10’ – $6,900

4’ x 12’ – $7,800

4’ x 14’ – $8,700

4’ x 16’ – $9,600

4’ x 18’ – $10,500

4’ x 20’ – $11,500

* Safe rooms larger than 20 feet in length are available. Call us for a price quote.

* Professional install is available and starts at $300. Price will vary based on size and options.

Safe Rooms with Shipping Containers

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