Why Buy a Cargo Container?
You don’t just get more for your money with a container; you get a portable steel structure that could remain useful for a lifetime. Ocean containers are also a great long-term purchase because they can hold their value in steel. Regardless of your intended use, every storage container is a valuable chunk of steel. Simply call your local scrap yard and ask them how much they will pay for 5,000 pounds of steel and you will be excited to learn that you aren’t just buying a conex container, but you are buying a physical commodity. We can confidently say that we know of no other portable storage-use structure that can appreciate in value. In fact when you buy a prefabricated wood shed/building, you typically lose a significant amount of value the day you receive it (just like buying a car, RV or mobile home). A steel container though can hold its value for years and years to come because after all, its a huge steel box.

What to Expect:
Here at StorageContainersTexas.com we strive to offer the best quality used containers on the market. Unless you specifically request a 1-trip (new) container and pay the premium for it, it is typical for all used containers to have rust, dents, dings, scratches and patches. Used containers come in a variety of colors and sometimes have a company name on the side. Containers that are branded with a company name or logo are not affiliated with StorageContainersTexas.com, and unless otherwise agreed, “neutralization” of containers purchased is the responsibility of the buyer and at buyers expense (i.e. removal of branding and identifiable markings such as company logos, names, unit numbers etc). Most containers that we sell are maroon, burgundy, gray or blue, but colors and appearance can vary. If aesthetic appearance is important to you, please let us know so that we can quote you the price of a 1-trip (like-new) container or an aesthetically reconditioned container (recently serviced and freshly painted). The photo below illustrates the common imperfections that are frequently found on a typical used container.

Why Buy a Cargo Container

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